Compilation of some hilariously funny news / moments (Part 1)

Hi Folks,

For today’s side news, here’s a collection of funny/fail news.

1 – So here we have a man from Texas, U.S.A. who just couldn’t stand the sight of an armadillo in his yard. So guess what he does next? If you were thinking of having armadillo soup around 3 a.m. then you may just have been thinking the same way as this dude who decides to just shoot the little beast but ended up having one of three bullets reflected which then ricochet and struck the man in his jaw. Needless to say he won’t be having soup anytime soon.

fails news texas man shoots armadillo bullet ricochets and hits him in the face

2 – This fun loving set of grandparents showed they too can party like rock stars when they hit up a photo booth at a wedding this weekend.The older guests must think that viral  is a condition that affects the central nervous system, rather than an internet hit. Breaking away from stuffy tradition, donning the best party props they can find and their best wedding finery to pose up against a shimmery gold curtain in this wedding day memento. And we can only admire the lady with the teal silk gown who is intent on showing she’s got attitude – by flicking the bird to the cameraman

grandparents photobooth

3 – A builder who took 35 Viagra pills in an hour ended up in hospital after being stuck with an erection for FIVE DAYS. And i kid you not when I say that this were his exact words; “I ended up feeling sick, dizzy and hallucinating — everything I saw was green.’ That’s right folks those are the words ‘GREEN’ and ‘HALLUCINATING’. Makes you wonder if he saw She-Hulk.

Erection for 5 days

Hope you enjoyed. More to come.

The Chad

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