A magical childhood to teen fantasy series

Hi Folks,

Before we get started with the main topic let me tell you something about myself first. I’m a mainstream movie fan. Especially if it’s something I’ve read when I was a kid and then gets adapted to a film.

Now here’s a series of fantasy novels turned box office films that got me excited growing up. I remember first reading the sorcerer’s stone book and going on to read the series till the deathly hollows while parallel to that I watched the film adaptations as well. I honestly have to say the universe J.K. Rowling created felt so real that I kept imagining how it would be like to receive a letter from Hogwarts. There were times during my childhood when while playing with my friends we stopped playing magicians in general and finally started re-enacting plots from the films. Well the magic has been over for more that 2 and a half years but J.K. Rowling has got us on our feet again with new upcoming projects from the Harry Potter Universe. Also, for those who want to enjoy relieving memories of this universe I would suggest visiting the Pottermore website. Go ahead and check it out.

So before you guys move on from what I’ve written above, here’s some random gags / posts I’ve collected from known sites for your entertainment.

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