Strategies for increasing your Social Media output

Hey folks,

Here are a couple of tips I’ve compiled 2 months ago which are currently helping me with my social media plans. Let’s go through them point by point.

Research Extensively

Make your research extensive as it can be. Research on the product, the brand, the company, the target consumer, the competition, and of course, an analysis of current social metrics.

Conduct an Assessment

Do a temperature check. Analyze your current social media status. Try to see where you’re at against your goals. What marketing activities have you lined-up so far? How can you integrate social media to benefit or amplify your existing tactic? Then finally use these findings to organize and build strategies for your plan.

Clarify your Objectives

Identify your objectives for your social media plan. Make a list, then, narrow it down to about 1 to 3 where you can focus for a year.

Create Strategies & Tactics

Targets are distinct from goals because they incorporate specific number and time values. If you have no targets to support your goals, you won’t be challenged to take action to meet your deadlines. You won’t win the social media war unless you win its many small battles. And you can’t do that if you don’t know how to strategize. Outline the channels you will use to reach your targets, and ask yourself why you chose those channels. Write the pros and cons. And if the positive reasons outweigh the negative ones, then you are good to go.

Set-Up a Timeline & Make Calendars

Social media is very dynamic and fast-evolving. What’s true and great now may not hold true 8 months hence. So create a timetable that’ll be more workable. Say about 2-3 months. Then make an assessment after that time frame, and make your plan evolve as you progress.

Establish Measurement & Reporting.

How do you know how you are progressing? Make a list of results that you want to achieve, and their corresponding measurement of success. Like, how many new sales do you expect from a particular social media activity, and the corresponding increments as the months progress.

That’s all the tips I have for you folks this time around. If I ever come across any new strategies in the future, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

See ya,

Le Chad

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