Let’s eat: Angus Steakhouse Burger and Shoyo Beef Don

Hi Folks,

We’re back again to feature 2 sets of meals I enjoyed eating during this week

Angus Steakhouse Burger from Hardees (Carl Jr.) – UAE

Get a load of this quarter pounder accompanied with melted cheese, onion rings and shredded beef. It’s mouthwatering as much as it is hard to bite into. The price is set at 32 dirhams (I think?), and it’s worth every penny if you were as hungry as I was that afternoon.


Shoyo Beef Don from Umami Restaurant, Burjuman, Dubai

Here’s another one from 2 nights later. I was in Barjuman, Dubai around 6:30 pm craving for cheap japanese fast food when I happened upon Umami Restaurant in the food court.For just 34 dirhams you get a full course meal of Shoyu Beef Don, Miso soup, Salad and a drink of your choice (I went for diet pepsi). I have to say it was more than I could handle but nevertheless I powered through and finished my meal like a good boy.


Hope you folks get to try this 2 meals out.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad

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