Let’s eat: Beef Chilli Fry and Sheesh Tawook

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to share 2 of my favorite dishes I enjoyed eating when I was a kid here in UAE. I must confess that I still enjoy eating them till now. 

Some things just never grow old and here a few of them;

Beef Chilli Fry – 


Growing up eating this dish has always been both a rewarding and guilty pleasure. I remember that whenever we came from the Nakheel (being that this was the town plaza before the place started booming and getting malls) we’d always find time to drop by the Taj Mahal Restaurant and make our usual order. 

The beef chilli fry they make here is well known and sought after in Ras-Al-Khaimah.


Sheesh Tawook –

Back in Dubai there’s this regular hole in the wall fast food restaurant located in K.M. Trading, Um Hurair 2, Dubai that I frequented whenever I visited my Aunt’s place. For a cheap price you can get a hearty meal and one of those meals that I usually enjoyed was called sheesh tawook. It’s chicken breast portions, spiced up and accompanied by small portions of fries and salad. Let’s not forget the hummus and kubos that comes along with it.

Always enjoyed dropping by here.


Enjoy the pics and if you get the time to drop by UAE make sure you give this dishes a try.

Keep Chillin’

Le Chad

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