Technology; connecting family and loved ones

Hi Folks,

So just this recent weekend, I was on my way to the bus station in Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE to travel back to Dubai. It wasn’t just a regular trip as the taxi driver was also busy conversing with his family in India via Skype (and of course he was on hands free mode). After their conversation he proceeded to create some small talk with me and of course I obliged.

We mostly talked about how glad he was that he invested in buying 2 smartphones for both himself and his family. It’s made working away from his family easier than it was a couple of years back when people in the area had to make expensive phone calls just so they can talk with their family for a few minutes. Even though the conversation was nothing special (as i know a lot of other expats are doing the same thing), there was just a certain way on how he told his story that warmed my heart.

For a lot of people working and living in UAE just to provide for their family back home is not only a physically draining task but also an emotional one. It’s quite difficult to come home just by yourself, with no one to talk to about your day. I applaud those who go through this everyday and have the iron will to still push through. As for those with their family and kids right here in UAE; these kind of people usually feel home sick from not only being away from the place they grew up in but also being away from their friends and the rest of their family. Technology has evolved so much that with just an online video call we get to see this people again and talk about how everyone’s day went.

I realized how much technology in this area has changed through the years as being someone who was born and grew up in UAE. I’m glad that the ‘greedy’ telecom companies here are doing their best to cater to expats.

If you happen to be an expat yourself who’s away from his family and home country, just hang in there, Fate always has a way to make things better.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad

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