Will you ever be a good parent as your parents were?

Hi folks,

I know, I know… The title says it all but bear with me for a bit as I elaborate on this topic, especially if you’re a millennial like me.

A majority of us who grew up in the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s had a lot going on growing up. I believe that it’s safe for me to assume we all had different upbringings across different cultures but one thing is for sure, a majority of us all grew being raised by people we call our parents. I myself was lucky enough to be raised by 2 of the strictest yet coolest parents I’ve ever known. They always knew how to keep up with the times. Sadly, I can’t say the same applies to everyone else. Now, let’s summarize the average lifestyle of everyone that grew up or is currently undergoing this life stages (we’ll probably round it off till those who just entered college this year).

First we have infancy to puberty, the time when our parents were really hands on with us, and I just don’t mean giving us a bath, cooking our meals and teaching us how to read and write. This is the stage where they teach us what is right and wrong and instill their own version of principles in us.

Second, puberty but personally I think maybe those development psychologists should have been more accurate and called this the ‘trial and error stage’. I’ll be honest, this stage isn’t really the most crucial part yet but nevertheless our parents are at their most strictest at this stage.

I would like to congratulate all those kids who were able to juggle the numerous life choices, circle of friends, clubs, sports, studies and our very own parents. It was hard but we made it. Now, let’s check back on our parents shall we? From their perspective I bet they were always at the edge of their seats when it came to us and I applaud those who gave it their best and were able to raise their kids either with their own version of what’s right or gave their kids enough leg room to grow right. Us kids may not have known it back then since we had our own thing going but if you realize it now, then I ask that you get up for a bit, go to your folks if they are there near you or call them and tell them you love them and you’ll always appreciate what they went through for us. Because in the end its not about them or us, it’s about the feeling of responsibility.

Third, late teens or the college mode. As much I would like to go into full detail in this…..  I won’t. We all know the memories we made here at this point are still a bit fresh in our minds and again the topic is about ‘parents’. At this point of their kids’ life, our folks  start to realize that we’re starting to build our lives away from them. Make no mistake about it. Not a day goes by where they stare at family pics or our childhood pics, reminiscing about a time where we proved to be a less of a headache and more a cutie little being.

At this point one way or another a majority of us begin to take our parents for granted bit by bit, some of us may not say it but then again who says you need to be vocal when your actions speak louder than words.

Now back to the topic at hand. Now a young adult myself, I have come to realize I will never be like my parents, I could never bring myself to go through what they did. Of course, it goes without saying that I do appreciate what they did for me but saying it doesn’t compare to showing it. I will never have the power to push through family life as my parents did and the patience they had while bringing me up. Maybe I don’t need to yet. At this point of my life I would like to dedicate my life to achieving my dreams and spending time with my parents. I’m going to do this not because I have to but because I finally understand that I will never be as good a parent as my mother and father are. I want anyone who comes across this article to just give your parents that one hug or show your parents how much you love them.


Stop contemplating and just act before it’s too late. You never know, maybe this is the first and most crucial stage of your life when you finally realize how to be a good parent.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad

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