Chad’s Modern Fable #1

There were once two neighbors who have lived together for quite some time in one of those medium scale condominiums in the city. You could say they’ve been pretty good neighbors for a long time before they became best of friends. They would spend a lot of time playing video games together, taking turns attending or hosting each other’s barbecue party, going on double dates and sometimes taking turns being the wing man in the club.

Ah yes, this is the foundation of truly lasting friendships. But, when they find themselves arriving at the mall separately during a busy weekend looking for the last parking space, and then they both spot said parking space together but the other one was just too slow at the curve and then spots his best friend getting down the car just after parking, do you think their ‘strong’ friendship will stand during this unforeseen coincidental battle?

Moral of the story: Friendship cannot stand the test of the last parking space and there will be collateral damage

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