The Need for the Common Ground. 

Have you ever wondered why the human species of earth has failed to ever come to an understanding? Don’t you ever get frustrated seeing people defend themselves, whether it be about culture, religion, language or race? Although watching the human race fighting like children about who’s parents earn bigger dough is entertaining in the short run, our future is bound to suffer if we don’t find common ground to stand on soon (and i don’t mean the planet earth for you sarcastic peeps).

For me, it all comes down to a few key common existing components that i believe can bring us truly together.


First, let’s start with ‘COMMUNICATION’. See, i enjoy listening to the diverse languages that planet earth has to offer but let’s face it, we don’t really need this many languages at this point in time. The English language as our prime language must be held with utmost importance for understanding’s sake. And before you start complaining why English, keep in mind that’s just how things are because we’ve let it happen as time went by (although i wished our prime language was french).

387e491142912d0353e20956251f7d22Image above: Global Village in Dubai, UAE

Next, we have cultural differences. I grew up in the United Arab Emirates, one of a few economically rich yet culturally challenged countries due to a large number of expats and yet you have never seen a country that celebrates almost all the holidays of each culture. I would contribute that to the open minded leaders who took a chance to ‘UNITE’ all these culturally rich heritages.


Lastly (and this may sound contradictory to my previous statement), there’s the fear that if we lose and pay no respect to our respective country’s history then we would amount to nothing. This is another factor that keeps us from coming together as a human race. We fail to realize that in investing too much time in protecting our history that we’re losing the chance to build a better ‘FUTURE’.

As long as people keep going down the path of separation we’ll never advance as a human race. Remember that we’ve been given the ability to think and that the simple solutions in understanding each other are already in front of us. I urge that we stand together as human beings of planet earth and not be separated anymore. Let’s ‘CHANGE’ the status quo and we may just find something even more interesting together.