The Need for the Common Ground. 

Have you ever wondered why the human species of earth has failed to ever come to an understanding? Don’t you ever get frustrated seeing people defend themselves, whether it be about culture, religion, language or race? Although watching the human race fighting like children about who’s parents earn bigger dough is entertaining in the short run, our future is bound to suffer if we don’t find common ground to stand on soon (and i don’t mean the planet earth for you sarcastic peeps).

For me, it all comes down to a few key common existing components that i believe can bring us truly together.


First, let’s start with ‘COMMUNICATION’. See, i enjoy listening to the diverse languages that planet earth has to offer but let’s face it, we don’t really need this many languages at this point in time. The English language as our prime language must be held with utmost importance for understanding’s sake. And before you start complaining why English, keep in mind that’s just how things are because we’ve let it happen as time went by (although i wished our prime language was french).

387e491142912d0353e20956251f7d22Image above: Global Village in Dubai, UAE

Next, we have cultural differences. I grew up in the United Arab Emirates, one of a few economically rich yet culturally challenged countries due to a large number of expats and yet you have never seen a country that celebrates almost all the holidays of each culture. I would contribute that to the open minded leaders who took a chance to ‘UNITE’ all these culturally rich heritages.


Lastly (and this may sound contradictory to my previous statement), there’s the fear that if we lose and pay no respect to our respective country’s history then we would amount to nothing. This is another factor that keeps us from coming together as a human race. We fail to realize that in investing too much time in protecting our history that we’re losing the chance to build a better ‘FUTURE’.

As long as people keep going down the path of separation we’ll never advance as a human race. Remember that we’ve been given the ability to think and that the simple solutions in understanding each other are already in front of us. I urge that we stand together as human beings of planet earth and not be separated anymore. Let’s ‘CHANGE’ the status quo and we may just find something even more interesting together.

Sliders at POUND by Todd English

Hi Folks,

Last month we had the chance to visit this cozy joint of a restaurant at High Street, BGC called POUND by Todd English

I recommend that with whatever slider you choose, make sure you order a side of their Parmesan fries.

Food photos shown below:

– Bacon and Egg Sliders

– Parmesan Fries

The Great British Festival 2017 – BGC, Metro Manila

16473723_1546372925373171_2101400658848421964_n.jpgPhoto taken from the British Embassy Manila Facebook page

I’ve already heard about the Great British Festival happening once a year but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit them because of my conflicting schedule. So when I heard the latest announcement of the British Festival happening in High Street, Bonfiacio Global City from the British Embassy, I immediately took the chance to visit the them last Friday, Feb 24.


It was the first day of the festival so I really wasn’t expecting much yet. Besides the British Embassy business partners, there were already a of stalls set up. From the usual retail products and membership clubs to food stalls all the way at the other side of the high street (of course mostly related to good ol’ Great Britain)


At another part of high street, we found the exotic or sports cars by British Manufacturers all lined up ready for their pictures to be taken.


The first day was off to a good start and I’ve heard there were more exciting party favors during the next 2 days of the event. Check them out at your social media account using #GreatBritishFestival or #TheGreatBritishFestival

Also, check out this video of British Embassy’s summary of the events
Video taken from British Embassy Manila Facebook page

Strong mentality – living life in this tough world

It’s great to talk about mental toughness, determination, and perseverance … but how do these words get represented in the real word?

Only one word comes to mind that best represent any human who has all 3 qualifications…. consistency, which in my opinion if you can learn to master makes you superhuman in my books

One must live through each day in a consistent manner. Whether it’s trying to get a great, healthy body by making sure not to miss a gym session or setting a clear career goal you’d want to achieve by working on it each day.

My tips to get through each day and help you practice consistency are the following;

  • Visualize the goals in your mind
    • This will serve as a great remainder for yourself and when you feel lost.
  • Get a grip on any anxious feelings or doubts you may have about yourself
    • Trust me when I say that anxiety will only shorten your lifespan and make reaching your goal even harder
    • It’s either you get rid of the anxiety by positive reinforcement or you learn to live with it and transform it into another form of motivation.
  • Practice perfecting motivating habits
    • Mental toughness isn’t about getting inspired or feeling courageous. It’s about building those habits that allow you to  overcome challenges and distractions.
  • Learn to socialize and build your network
    • Pretty much self-explanatory and like they say, no man is an island, plus it’s always great to be around like-minded people.
  • Learn to celebrate the small victories in life
    • People shouldn’t be afraid to just stop for a moment and evaluate the present situation. Sure you may not be there yet but learning to appreciate every step you take to reach your goal is a victory in itself.

Alright folks, I know it’s not much but I’m hoping these can at least help you with being the mental tough person that I know you are capable of.


Falling in love at a coffeehouse

It was just another night after classes in university. It was a rainy afternoon when I accompanied you to your club activities on campus. While you had your chorale activities to tend to, I was outside sitting on a bench just admiring the afternoon rain under a grey orange sky. We’ve been friends for two months and I’ve only started dating you five weeks ago and have already told you that I love you in our third week of dating. I sat there wondering what could have made me said that so soon in a dating stage. I’ve know myself to hold off for a month or two before I tell a lady I love her, but in the back of my head it just felt right. Two hours have passed with me still deep in thought while swatting the mosquitoes away and I realized I haven’t even started on my assignment for the next day. You came out of the club room, tired but happy and I invited you to the coffeehouse so I can finish my report.

After ordering our usual down at the coffeehouse we sat down at our usual spot and I took out my laptop to do my report. Halfway through my report, you started acting differently; more cute and clingy while trying to get my attention. I really wanted to just stop what I was doing and pinch your cheeks but I couldn’t because I enjoyed what you were doing. Finally done with my report we decided to head home and right when we got down the stairs outside the coffeehouse you grabbed my arm and pushed me against the fence and just kissed me. I didn’t know if I wanted to kiss you again or scream from the sudden pain inflicted on my behind by the pointy fence. After a couple of seconds you told me you’ve been thinking about how you felt about me for the past few days and how you’ve come to realize that you love me too.

Fast forward to five years, we’re still together although a thousand miles apart. I know we’ve had our ups and downs but that’s what made us stronger as a couple. To that special lady in my life, happy 5th anniversary and cheers to more years together.

Immerse and reconnect yourself with nature

Hi Folks,

It’s not everyday you just stop in the middle of your busy schedule and appreciate mother nature’s beauty before you.But if you get the chance, just grab your stuff and head out to where you think you can connect best with nature.

For me that special place is the beach; the place where land meets water. The one area I know which helps me reconnect with myself to a deep level. I could sit there all day and just immerse myself in thought. You don’t really have to be there by yourself. You may choose to go with your family or friends, which ever floats your boat.

Take the chance to find yourself and get some well deserved R&R

Let’s eat: cheap filipino buffet

Hi Folks,

Le Chad here again and I’m back to talk about buffets!

Don’t you love buffets? Especially one where you could just keep coming back to? How about a place that’s cheap?

Well if you’re in Dubai then you’re in luck. There are a lot of hole in the wall buffet restaurants that serve some pretty decent meals. One of the place I was able to check out was near the ADCB metro station called Sweet Pepper Restaurant (Filipino and Chinese buffet restaurant). Besides this place there are a lot of other locations with the same setting. You just have to be really hungry and not picky to appreciate the food.

Prices range from AED 20 – 35 for this kind of places.

Keep chillin’ till my next foodploration.

Le Chad