The Great British Festival 2017 – BGC, Metro Manila

16473723_1546372925373171_2101400658848421964_n.jpgPhoto taken from the British Embassy Manila Facebook page

I’ve already heard about the Great British Festival happening once a year but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit them because of my conflicting schedule. So when I heard the latest announcement of the British Festival happening in High Street, Bonfiacio Global City from the British Embassy, I immediately took the chance to visit the them last Friday, Feb 24.


It was the first day of the festival so I really wasn’t expecting much yet. Besides the British Embassy business partners, there were already a of stalls set up. From the usual retail products and membership clubs to food stalls all the way at the other side of the high street (of course mostly related to good ol’ Great Britain)


At another part of high street, we found the exotic or sports cars by British Manufacturers all lined up ready for their pictures to be taken.


The first day was off to a good start and I’ve heard there were more exciting party favors during the next 2 days of the event. Check them out at your social media account using #GreatBritishFestival or #TheGreatBritishFestival

Also, check out this video of British Embassy’s summary of the events
Video taken from British Embassy Manila Facebook page