Cats Vs. Climate Change

Hi Folks,

Now I was watching this video one day about this cat who jumps into a box, then he jumps out of the box, then he jumps right back into the box and just when I thought he was going to stay inside the box, he jumps back outside of the box again. Now he does this over and over again for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. I know this because I watched the whole thing and I had a blast. Millions of people have also watched this video and other related videos according to the view count.

Now this got me thinking how other videos with a more serious approach are doing. I decided to type in the keywords climate change and I noticed a couple of videos with narrations and talks by Al Gore and Morgan Freeman. After some thinking I decided to pick the climate change video narrated by Morgan Freeman, because his voice sounds way more cooler than the other dude. While watching the video. I noticed the view count below; 22,600 people. I felt so bad that I kept hitting the refresh button. I mean because this a well known veteran actor talking about something as serious as climate change and you’re telling me that he is getting served and losing to a cat in a box? That’s embarrassing. I felt so bad that I wanted to edit the same video and insert a cat into the background and let them do their thing because their approval rate never goes down.

So what if the reason why a lot of netizens love watching that cat video is because the inside and outside of the box represents the duality of a person trying to live a life demanded by our strict and cultural society while at the same time the same person is trying to hold on to his / her self identity and because those two worlds are always in conflict, he / she must constantly jump between them. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it? In the end, people will always get side tracked with their own personal problems while ignoring the bigger issues.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad