Finding that ‘Eureka’ moment.

We always enjoy reading about how people successfully achieve their goals, transform businesses and sometimes make the most surprising discoveries that transforms the whole playing field. Most of the time, a lot of people draw motivations from these success stories and try to integrate it into their life by trying to understand exactly what challenges they overcame and why they desired to do what they did. 

After reading so many success stories and talking to colleagues who have in their own way reached their goals, I’ve realized that there are so many opportunities to be inspired and most of them can be found in the simplest of ways.

Let’s start of with people. A lot of success stories actually depend on your circle of friends, colleagues or even the family members you interact with. It takes time to build relationships but in the end it will be all worth it if these people help you achieve your goals. 

Next let’s go for some alone time. I’m actually a big fan of deep thinking in the showers and most of the bright ideas comes to us while having deep thoughts in the shower.Just look at Archimedes’s history and how he discovered the Archimedes principle while submerged in the bath or better yet why not  ask Warren Buffett, who he dreamt up his $5 billion investment in Bank of America while he was taking a bath. Of course there are lots of other ways to find inspiration by yourself like  travelling and chasing other life changing experiences.

Lastly, let’s try drawing inspiration from  art, music, films and sports. The simplest lines from a movie or book and lyrics from a song tend to hit the exact state of mind that leads to an inspiration for most of us.

Now if you have a hard time believing me why not first try some of these ways yourself and see what I mean. Maybe just maybe you might find your own inspiration along the way.

Cheers and good luck!

Strong mentality – living life in this tough world

It’s great to talk about mental toughness, determination, and perseverance … but how do these words get represented in the real word?

Only one word comes to mind that best represent any human who has all 3 qualifications…. consistency, which in my opinion if you can learn to master makes you superhuman in my books

One must live through each day in a consistent manner. Whether it’s trying to get a great, healthy body by making sure not to miss a gym session or setting a clear career goal you’d want to achieve by working on it each day.

My tips to get through each day and help you practice consistency are the following;

  • Visualize the goals in your mind
    • This will serve as a great remainder for yourself and when you feel lost.
  • Get a grip on any anxious feelings or doubts you may have about yourself
    • Trust me when I say that anxiety will only shorten your lifespan and make reaching your goal even harder
    • It’s either you get rid of the anxiety by positive reinforcement or you learn to live with it and transform it into another form of motivation.
  • Practice perfecting motivating habits
    • Mental toughness isn’t about getting inspired or feeling courageous. It’s about building those habits that allow you to  overcome challenges and distractions.
  • Learn to socialize and build your network
    • Pretty much self-explanatory and like they say, no man is an island, plus it’s always great to be around like-minded people.
  • Learn to celebrate the small victories in life
    • People shouldn’t be afraid to just stop for a moment and evaluate the present situation. Sure you may not be there yet but learning to appreciate every step you take to reach your goal is a victory in itself.

Alright folks, I know it’s not much but I’m hoping these can at least help you with being the mental tough person that I know you are capable of.


Falling in love at a coffeehouse

It was just another night after classes in university. It was a rainy afternoon when I accompanied you to your club activities on campus. While you had your chorale activities to tend to, I was outside sitting on a bench just admiring the afternoon rain under a grey orange sky. We’ve been friends for two months and I’ve only started dating you five weeks ago and have already told you that I love you in our third week of dating. I sat there wondering what could have made me said that so soon in a dating stage. I’ve know myself to hold off for a month or two before I tell a lady I love her, but in the back of my head it just felt right. Two hours have passed with me still deep in thought while swatting the mosquitoes away and I realized I haven’t even started on my assignment for the next day. You came out of the club room, tired but happy and I invited you to the coffeehouse so I can finish my report.

After ordering our usual down at the coffeehouse we sat down at our usual spot and I took out my laptop to do my report. Halfway through my report, you started acting differently; more cute and clingy while trying to get my attention. I really wanted to just stop what I was doing and pinch your cheeks but I couldn’t because I enjoyed what you were doing. Finally done with my report we decided to head home and right when we got down the stairs outside the coffeehouse you grabbed my arm and pushed me against the fence and just kissed me. I didn’t know if I wanted to kiss you again or scream from the sudden pain inflicted on my behind by the pointy fence. After a couple of seconds you told me you’ve been thinking about how you felt about me for the past few days and how you’ve come to realize that you love me too.

Fast forward to five years, we’re still together although a thousand miles apart. I know we’ve had our ups and downs but that’s what made us stronger as a couple. To that special lady in my life, happy 5th anniversary and cheers to more years together.

Immerse and reconnect yourself with nature

Hi Folks,

It’s not everyday you just stop in the middle of your busy schedule and appreciate mother nature’s beauty before you.But if you get the chance, just grab your stuff and head out to where you think you can connect best with nature.

For me that special place is the beach; the place where land meets water. The one area I know which helps me reconnect with myself to a deep level. I could sit there all day and just immerse myself in thought. You don’t really have to be there by yourself. You may choose to go with your family or friends, which ever floats your boat.

Take the chance to find yourself and get some well deserved R&R

Reviving a childhood memory catcher

Hi Folks,

So I happened upon my old camcorder from back when I was a kid. It was around this time i made the decision to document 1 year of my life or what I would like to call my first vlog (before it was even cool to vlog one’s own life). Unfortunately, the tapes were already unreadable and beyond repair.

Even so, just holding it in my hands again brought back a lot of memories and I just could’t help but smile while relieving them. I know I never got to thank you little guy before I left for the Philippines but I might as well do it now. You’ve done me a great service and I’ll be keeping you around just a little while longer as a memento from my childhood.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad

Let’s eat: Angus Steakhouse Burger and Shoyo Beef Don

Hi Folks,

We’re back again to feature 2 sets of meals I enjoyed eating during this week

Angus Steakhouse Burger from Hardees (Carl Jr.) – UAE

Get a load of this quarter pounder accompanied with melted cheese, onion rings and shredded beef. It’s mouthwatering as much as it is hard to bite into. The price is set at 32 dirhams (I think?), and it’s worth every penny if you were as hungry as I was that afternoon.


Shoyo Beef Don from Umami Restaurant, Burjuman, Dubai

Here’s another one from 2 nights later. I was in Barjuman, Dubai around 6:30 pm craving for cheap japanese fast food when I happened upon Umami Restaurant in the food court.For just 34 dirhams you get a full course meal of Shoyu Beef Don, Miso soup, Salad and a drink of your choice (I went for diet pepsi). I have to say it was more than I could handle but nevertheless I powered through and finished my meal like a good boy.


Hope you folks get to try this 2 meals out.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad

Cats Vs. Climate Change

Hi Folks,

Now I was watching this video one day about this cat who jumps into a box, then he jumps out of the box, then he jumps right back into the box and just when I thought he was going to stay inside the box, he jumps back outside of the box again. Now he does this over and over again for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. I know this because I watched the whole thing and I had a blast. Millions of people have also watched this video and other related videos according to the view count.

Now this got me thinking how other videos with a more serious approach are doing. I decided to type in the keywords climate change and I noticed a couple of videos with narrations and talks by Al Gore and Morgan Freeman. After some thinking I decided to pick the climate change video narrated by Morgan Freeman, because his voice sounds way more cooler than the other dude. While watching the video. I noticed the view count below; 22,600 people. I felt so bad that I kept hitting the refresh button. I mean because this a well known veteran actor talking about something as serious as climate change and you’re telling me that he is getting served and losing to a cat in a box? That’s embarrassing. I felt so bad that I wanted to edit the same video and insert a cat into the background and let them do their thing because their approval rate never goes down.

So what if the reason why a lot of netizens love watching that cat video is because the inside and outside of the box represents the duality of a person trying to live a life demanded by our strict and cultural society while at the same time the same person is trying to hold on to his / her self identity and because those two worlds are always in conflict, he / she must constantly jump between them. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it? In the end, people will always get side tracked with their own personal problems while ignoring the bigger issues.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad