Immerse and reconnect yourself with nature

Hi Folks,

It’s not everyday you just stop in the middle of your busy schedule and appreciate mother nature’s beauty before you.But if you get the chance, just grab your stuff and head out to where you think you can connect best with nature.

For me that special place is the beach; the place where land meets water. The one area I know which helps me reconnect with myself to a deep level. I could sit there all day and just immerse myself in thought. You don’t really have to be there by yourself. You may choose to go with your family or friends, which ever floats your boat.

Take the chance to find yourself and get some well deserved R&R

Let’s eat: cheap filipino buffet

Hi Folks,

Le Chad here again and I’m back to talk about buffets!

Don’t you love buffets? Especially one where you could just keep coming back to? How about a place that’s cheap?

Well if you’re in Dubai then you’re in luck. There are a lot of hole in the wall buffet restaurants that serve some pretty decent meals. One of the place I was able to check out was near the ADCB metro station called Sweet Pepper Restaurant (Filipino and Chinese buffet restaurant). Besides this place there are a lot of other locations with the same setting. You just have to be really hungry and not picky to appreciate the food.

Prices range from AED 20 – 35 for this kind of places.

Keep chillin’ till my next foodploration.

Le Chad

Let’s eat: Angus Steakhouse Burger and Shoyo Beef Don

Hi Folks,

We’re back again to feature 2 sets of meals I enjoyed eating during this week

Angus Steakhouse Burger from Hardees (Carl Jr.) – UAE

Get a load of this quarter pounder accompanied with melted cheese, onion rings and shredded beef. It’s mouthwatering as much as it is hard to bite into. The price is set at 32 dirhams (I think?), and it’s worth every penny if you were as hungry as I was that afternoon.


Shoyo Beef Don from Umami Restaurant, Burjuman, Dubai

Here’s another one from 2 nights later. I was in Barjuman, Dubai around 6:30 pm craving for cheap japanese fast food when I happened upon Umami Restaurant in the food court.For just 34 dirhams you get a full course meal of Shoyu Beef Don, Miso soup, Salad and a drink of your choice (I went for diet pepsi). I have to say it was more than I could handle but nevertheless I powered through and finished my meal like a good boy.


Hope you folks get to try this 2 meals out.

Keep chillin’

Le Chad

Let’s eat: Beef Chilli Fry and Sheesh Tawook

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to share 2 of my favorite dishes I enjoyed eating when I was a kid here in UAE. I must confess that I still enjoy eating them till now. 

Some things just never grow old and here a few of them;

Beef Chilli Fry – 


Growing up eating this dish has always been both a rewarding and guilty pleasure. I remember that whenever we came from the Nakheel (being that this was the town plaza before the place started booming and getting malls) we’d always find time to drop by the Taj Mahal Restaurant and make our usual order. 

The beef chilli fry they make here is well known and sought after in Ras-Al-Khaimah.


Sheesh Tawook –

Back in Dubai there’s this regular hole in the wall fast food restaurant located in K.M. Trading, Um Hurair 2, Dubai that I frequented whenever I visited my Aunt’s place. For a cheap price you can get a hearty meal and one of those meals that I usually enjoyed was called sheesh tawook. It’s chicken breast portions, spiced up and accompanied by small portions of fries and salad. Let’s not forget the hummus and kubos that comes along with it.

Always enjoyed dropping by here.


Enjoy the pics and if you get the time to drop by UAE make sure you give this dishes a try.

Keep Chillin’

Le Chad

Let’s eat: Biryani & Samosa

Sharing some of my favorite Middle Eastern dishes over here…..

Chicken Biryani –

This flavorful dish right can be bought or made almost anywhere but since I was feeling a bit lazy I bought mine from a local restaurant near our place in RAK.  Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating from India or Persia (Wikipedia doesn’t seem sure yet). It’s popular in the Middle East, Central and South Asia. This dish is usually packed with spices, vegetables, rice and meat.

For the sauce I’m having yogurt.


Chicken Samosa –

While outside walking around, I came across on one of my favorite snacks; chicken samosa. Although small this dish packs a flavorful punch. A samosa is a fried or baked dish with fillings, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles, and/or minced meat.

Hope you enjoyed staring at these food pics as much as i enjoyed eating them and if you folks want to try making them here are 2 sites that seem to make it easy to make these dishes

Keep chillin’

Le Chad